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Pet Sitter Vs. Boarding

Choosing a pet sitter over a kennel clearly has a number of advantages when it comes to personalized service and overall pet safety.

1. Your pets remain safe & sound in their everyday environment. Some pets return home from a visit to the kennel ill or injured.

2. Confined??? Most kennels confine your pet. Your pet is much more comfortable in their own home, thus avoiding stress & illness.

3. Peace of mind. Knowing someone will retrieve your mail and check on your home in your absence. I also provide other “peace-of-mind” services like turning lights on and off, watering plants, bringing in newspapers, etc.

4. Your Wallet. Pet resorts and hotels aren’t an affordable solution for everyone, especially if you have a multi-pet household. 

5. Keep your Friends! Imposing on a friend, neighbor or family member to take care of your pet is asking a lot. Leave it up to a professional.

6. Saves you time. Picking up & dropping off your pet not only takes time… but you must go when they are open. You may come home at 9pm, but have to pay for an extra night stay because the facility is closed.

Benefits of Daily Dog Walks

1. Builds and enhances socialization skills.

2. Prevents doggy boredom which can lead to barking, chewing, and digging.

3. Great way to train your dog to walk without pulling on the leash.

4. Calms hyperness.

5. Provides mental stimulation.

6. Improves the dog’s mood.

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